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UK Next General Election - Overall Majority Betting Market

There is growing optimism that BORIS has moved away from a No Deal scenario and is working on a compromise solution - THERESA MAY II. The problem with this scenario being that it is not going to get him a majority.

Outcome Implied Probability
No Overall Majority 57%
Tory Majority 33%

Listed UK Gambling Companies

UK LISTED GAMBLING SHARES have had a great run of late in line with the market. They remain, however, still significantly below their 2018 highs and whilst they are by no means immune to any signifcant market correction, it remains plausible given the potential upside from their ventures in to the US betting market space that they will be able to generate idiosyncratic growth in excess of the broader global economy. William Hill and GVC as members of the FTSE 250 should also benefit from any rally in sterling.

Companies Year Low Current Price Change (%)
GVC H 507 725 30%
Flutter E 5525 7536 26%
William Hill 132 188 30%

It is important to remember that these stocks have represented something of a car crash for long term investors and that they remain significantly below their 2018 all-time US BETTING MARKET MANIA highs. So, for example, whilst hares in GVC Holdings are up 28% YTD - they are still down 40% YOY.

Current Price V. 2018 High

Companies 2018 High Current Price Change (%)
GVC H 1170 725 -39%
Flutter E 9123 7536 -19%
William Hill 336 188 -45%

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