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14:30 Naas - Eshtiya. Watch for any late money.

Aufer caput, corpus ne tangito.

Was this the bottom for UK Gambling Stocks?

Betting volumes on Saturday's racing at Thurles was healthy. On the Betfair Betting Exchange there was a 192% increase in betting volume in the win markets, with over £8 million traded over the course of the seven-race card. Some compensation for the loss of UK horse racing.

Companies Year High Current Price Change (%)
GVC H 939 305 -68%
Flutter E 9450 5684 -40%
William Hill 194 30p -85%

Source: Bettingmarket.Com Analysis. Gambling Stocks As Of Morning 19/03/2020.

Blinkers Off

USA - Presidential Election 2020 - Next President

An election year, during which people who ought to really know better, waste days of their lives wading around in the quagmire that is the gap that exists between the polls and reality.

The implied probability on Betfair that Donald Trump will win the Presidential Election in 2020 is 44%.

Following on from Super Tuesday the implied probability on Betfair that Biden will win the Presidential Election in 2020 is currently 44%.

Aufer caput, corpus ne tangito.

OutcomeImplied Probability

Source: Bettingmarket.Com Analysis. 14/02/2020.

" Investing is a game of skill – meaning inferior players can’t expect to be above average winners in the long run. But it also includes elements of chance – meaning skill won’t win out every time. In the long run, superior skill will overcome the impact of bad luck. But in the short run, luck can overwhelm skill, and the two can be indistinguishable." (Howard Marks)